Lakes and Parks

Lake St Louis is surrounded by beautiful parks and 2 man made lakes.

The small lake( Lake St Louise) is 85 acres and Lake St Louis is 660 acres.













Many of our parks include rental docks.  Please see the dock diagrams if you would like to rent a dock or place your name on the waiting list. We have 3 rental pavilions.You must be a member of the community association in order to use

the private lakes.

The main marina is home to our water patrol office.Our staff is available to answer your boating questions and secure the safety of our lakes. The association has two beaches for your enjoyment, the clubhouse beach located behind the club building and marina beach located at the Rue Grand main marina docks.You must have your ID available for inspection when using the beach and dock areas.Please pick up your ID cards and parking stickers at the front desk in the community association office. All vehicles parked at the marinas must have an association sticker on the windshield.Please read the Lake rules and regulations before operating your boats for the safety of all residents.

We hope that you enjoy all the amenities that Lake St Louis has to offer.