Jefferson Point Project

The Lake St. Louis Community Association will begin implementing improvements to Jefferson Point.  Plans have been developed and approved that will significantly beautify this area and make it more inviting as a park and recreational area for the benefit of all CA members.   This design eliminated the wrap around drive giving us green space down to the beach and waterfront.  Parking will be constructed at the south end of the property along Civic Center Road.  This leaves the main core area of the property available for recreational purposes, and provides a safer environment since residents, and children in particular, will not have to cross a drive to access the amenities.

The priorities for this site are to provide:

 security gate




 walkways connecting parking, pavilion, and restrooms

green space


The existing storage building will remain with landscaping separating it from the recreation area.

It is important to mention that Jefferson Point's also serves a vital role for lake clean-up and maintenance.  Most of the debris that ends up in our lake comes from Peruque Creek, and we make every attempt to trap the debris at Jefferson Point and remove it before it spreads throughout our lake.

There will be two areas reserved for lake maintenance as follows:

  1. debris catch and removal area
  1. barge loading and unloading area

This plan calls for using landscaping to shield from view the maintenance areas by building berms and strategically planting trees and shrubs.

The landscaping will be completed by our maintenance personnel and volunteers.

The following is a proposed time-line for Jefferson Point improvements.  This time-line may change based on cost, availability of funds, or a future board's priorities.

Year 2012

ñ Run water line to site

ñ Install security gate at entry

ñ Construct restrooms

ñ Begin landscaping

Year 2013

ñ Construct pavilion

ñ Continue landscaping

Year 2014

ñ Pave entry and circle drive

ñ Grade area for parking lot and install crushed rock

ñ Construct walkways

Year 2015

ñ Pave parking lot